Jan 26, 2009


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Jan 20, 2009

Jan 18, 2009

Sunday Gratitude

The wonderful Micaela used my pictures in such a beautiful way in this post. Here's a bunch of love and light for her.

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Jan 15, 2009


Dress - Second-hand h&m
Coat - Vintage (60's)
Shoes 1 - Mentor
Shoes 2 - Vintage
Umbrella - A gift from my sister (The brand is Lisbeth Dahl)
Gloves, belt, hairclip, mirror - Vintage

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Frère et Sœur

To my wonderful brother and sister.

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Jan 11, 2009

Feberdrömmar or Maintenant: la vérité

The map to guide me
through feverish nightmares

like starry skies
painted on my back

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I'm sick and miserable. I will therefore go back to a couple of days ago, when I felt pretty in my pearls...

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Jan 7, 2009


Due to total lack of inspiration, I will post some of my favourite vintage finds of the past few months...

The littlest matchbox with roses on it

Old photo album (you can see the front under the matchbox above)

Leather case with travel size glass bottles

A french slang dictionary

Thin white gloves

One of many tiny coffee cups

A soul mate kind of bag

A handheld mirror

The perfect, rich red, weekend bag

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Jan 4, 2009

Je me donne à qui me plaît

Je le chante à qui me plaît
Ça n'est jamais le même mais
Quoi faut avoir vécu sa vie
Je trouve que ça n'est pas si...

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Jan 2, 2009


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Jan 1, 2009


A few pieces of my holidays.

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