Sep 7, 2009



Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! hello old friend :)

yes, it's definitely been a while...a couple of months at least!

as you noticed, i'm doing a lot shorter posts and people seem to appreciate that! it's so much harder on my end only posting 2 days a week, but doing extremely long posts when chances are people don't even read all of it!

i definitely won't lose my original expression, it started out all about inspiration, mainly photography. and now it's the same thing, just the condensed version and less words. more of a visual inspiration blog.

oy yes!!! i remember when i first started blogging, gah now i look back on those posts and i was such a little's so funny i was basically talking to myself those first 3 or so weeks until i got ecstatic over my first comment! when did you first discover my blog? it was very early on, i just can't remember when...


Stéphanie said...

Sweet picture !